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The Management Tutor is a project management blog. It covers project management articles, calculators and project management exam related resources. The resources on this blog is very useful for management enthusiasts. Various difference between terms related to project management are also covered. Refer more about Management Tutor.

Project Management Articles

  • General Project Management

    This page of management tutor describes project management basics.It covers how to manage project effectively.It covers project management 9 knowledge areas,5 process groups and 44 processes.

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  • Project Integration Management

    This page describes Project Integration Management Processes.It covers develop project charter,develop project management plan,direct and manage project execution,monitor and control project work,perform integrated change control and close project process.

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  • Project Management Tools

    This page on project management software tools mention useful tools used as project management software for effective project management.

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  • Project Management Chart

    This page describes project management chart.The chart which maps 44 processes into 5 process groups and 9 knowledge areas.

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  • Activity Duration

    This page describes activity duration calculator.It mentions activity duration equation used in the calculator.

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  • Schedule Variance and Cost Variance

    This page describes SPI,SV,CPI,CV calculator.It mentions SPI,SV,CPI,CV equations used in the calculator.

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PMP EXAM Section:

  • PMP EXAM Tips

    This page describes step by step guide for PMP Exam Preparation.This online PMP exam tips are very useful to pass the exam at first attempt.

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  • PMP Exam Formulas

    This page covers PMP EXAM Formula.It covers useful formulas to pass the PMP EXAM.

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Difference Between

  • ES vs EF vs LS vs LF

    This page compares activity ES vs EF vs LS vs LF and mentions difference between activity ES (Early Start), EF (Early Finish), LS (Late Start) and LF (Late Finish).

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  • Free Float vs Total Float

    This page compares free float vs total float and mentions difference between free float and total float.

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  • PDM vs AOA network diagram

    This page compares PDM vs AOA and mentions difference between PDM(Precedence Diagram Method) and AOA(Activity On Arrow) network diagrams.

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  • Difference between organization types

    This page compares functional organization vs projectized organization and matrix organization.It mentions difference between functional,projectized and matrix organization types.

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